Eating out in Beligum - It's an Entirely Different Experience

Traveling abroad is so exciting. So much is the similar to the US, but what's different can be confusing. Even in Europe, something as simple as eating out in a restaurant can be an awkward experience. After six years living in Brussels, I have a few dining tips to share. 
  1. A Menu is not called a menu.  It's called Le Carte. Think "a la carte".
  2. A menu (sometimes called Prix Fixe) is a fixed price meal deal. If you order the Menu, you get the whole meal including appetizer and dessert and sometimes drinks also. Here's an example from one of my favorite places Scheltema. These menus are sometimes listed on chalk boards outside. In this menu below, for one set price, you will get three courses: the gazpacho, the mussels with fries or grilled steak with bearnaise sauce and fries, and chocolate mousse for dessert. 
  3. Dinner is late starting around 8pm.
  4. Meals take a long time, around 3 hours if you have several courses. Expect to wait a lot; it's not bad service, it's just the way it works. Basically that table is yours for the night, so relax, with good company and lots of time to talk.
  5. The english menu doesn't have the same items, so get both a regular menu and the english version to compare if you need.
  6. Usually it's best to call for a reservation, even if you call on the way over to the restaurant.
  7. For outdoor cafes, just sit down at an open table. At most places you do not have to ask. Remember sometimes it takes a long time to be served.
  8. Entrees are appetizers, not main dishes like in the US.
  9. The staff will not bring the check. You must flag down the waiter and ask for it. Ask for the "bill" not the "check" or in French..."l'addition s'il vous plaƮt"
  10. No Tipping - It's included in the price of the meal. Do not tip, even if the receipt has a place for it.
View from Le ROY d'Espagne on the Grand Place in Brussels

Three Weeks of Limelight by Alcone - One Drop Wonder and Sotoks Update

Time for another interim review of Limelight by Alcone Sotoks and One Drop Wonder. I have been using the products twice a day for three weeks. I applied Sotoks to the left side of my face and One Drop Wonder (Pomifera oil) to the right side.

Now it's only been three weeks, I don't feel that it has been long enough to make a final call on whether these work or not. I have read that it takes a month for your skin to adjust and replace skin cells. So I will continue this experiment for a while longer. But in the meantime, I wanted to share some interim results. In a previous post, I mentioned that I felt that things were improving much more than the pictures showed. I still sort of feel that way.

So let's look at my before and after photos. 

I have sensitive skin. Both products were excellent: no itching, stinging, or increased redness.
I have Rosacea Subtype 1. Neither product worked to alleviate redness or broken blood vessels. I do not have bumps or swelling so it is possible that Sotoks or One Drop Wonder may work for other subtypes.
The wrinkles between my eyes (furrow or 11) seem to be improving on the Sotoks side. I also think my neck wrinkles are improving, but I can't see any improvement in the photos.  
I think that Sotoks is working on the dark spot/blemish on my  upper cheek spot. However, all other dark spots seem unchanged.
The milia and other blemishes on my face have not changed.
My skin is well hydrated; I even stopped using other moisturizers because I didn't need them. I don't see a healthy glow, I look a bit greasier though.

Sotoks claims to:
  1. Eliminate Dark SpotsMaybe 
  2. Life Sagging Skin - Not long enough to tell
  3. Smooth fine wrinkles Maybe
  4. HydrateDefinitely
  5. Rebalance your skin cells - Unknown

One Drop Wonder claims to:

  1. Reverse damage to your skin - Not wrinkles or blemishes
  2. Restore moisture - Yes
  3. Give you a gorgeous, healthy glow - Yes
  4. Accelerates results of Sotoks - Not tested
  5. Heals common skin issues, including rosacea - Not for me

It hasn't been long enough to make final review of the products. But, since the One Drop Wonder has done nothing for me, I will try to test it out in other ways, while continuing using it on my face. I am hopeful that Sotoks will continue working. I'll keep you updated:)

How We Potty Trained our Dog - Check out this Helpful Tracking Chart

So we got a puppy. After years of traveling and saying we don't have time for a dog, we realized that now, right now, we have time and most importantly we needed a dog. We are a family of five stubborn people, who each had an opinion on what dog would complete us.
Finally we met Korra, we all fell for her hard. She has been with us four months now.

Housebreaking and training a dog with three teenagers has been such a remarkable experience. I'm actually so happy we waited so we could do this together. Now to the point of this post. We created this training log that made an incredible difference in how we potty trained her and how we shared responsibility. So I wanted to share it with you.

This is it.  We marked it with #1 (pee), #2(poo), Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Walk.  We are crate training, so basically the dog was with someone all day long or in the crate. This chart helped keep track of when she was last out, or if she had eaten or needed a walk.  Soon a pattern emerged, so we knew exactly what to expect and when. Hope this is helpful:)

Here's a video where I explain how we used the chart.

Before and After - Limelight by Alcone - One Drop Wonder and Sotoks

This is an interim review of Limelight by Alcone One Drop Wonder (Pomifera oil) and Sotoks. I do not sell Limelight by Alcone. I purchased these products form my sister-in-law. I could not find an honest review anywhere about these products. Limelight by Alcone Beauty Guides are not allowed to say anything negative about the company or the products. Since the company is rather new and not too well known, there just simply are not enough reviews. So I decided to test out the products on myself. I'm not a makeup artist or beauty guru or influencer. I'm just a regular person with sensitive skin and rosacea.

So, I have been using these products two times a day for a week now. I applied the One Drop Wonder to the right side of my face and neck and chest. And I applied Sotoks to the left side. 

My mind is weak to the power of suggestion. I would swear to you, that there is a difference. I really think the neck wrinkles are improving with the One Drop Wonder, and I think the blemishes are improving with Sotoks. Rosacea seems to be exactly the same. I love how the products feel. They don't have horrible odors; they don't sting; they don't make my face more red. No bad side effects. 

But the proof is in the pictures. After one week, there is absolutely no difference. I look exactly the same. In fact I look a bit greasier from these serums.

Check it out... You can see each and every flaw is identical. I'm going to keep going because one week is not really long enough. So I'll post results again soon.

Before and After one week of use

Yes, You Can Wash your Longchamp in the Washing Machine

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I was very worried. But the bag had seen its best days and without a wash it would never make it outside again.  The front had a giant water mark on it from a spot treating experiment gone wrong. And the bottom was filthy. Since spot treating didn't work for me, I had no choice.  It had to go into the washer.

So I did the unthinkable. I sprayed my bag down with Oxyclean, rubbed some powder on it, and tossed it into the washer inside a laundry bag.  I threw in about a cup of Oxyclean and some bed sheets. Loaded it up with Tide, set the washer to delicate, and pressed start. Then I held my breath.   Well actually, I went online to order some makeup. Suddenly I realized I couldn't hear the machine anymore. So I ran upstairs to see what had transpired.

And you know what....

It's better than ever.   One small black dot didn't come out, but the rest is perfect.

Perfect Pair - Costco Triple Creme Brie & Bota Box Redvolution

You know how people talk about how well wine and cheese go together and you get it, but not quite.  Well, if you try these two together you will experience bliss.  And it's a bargain too.  $15 for Bota Box RedVolution and $7 for a pound of Brie.  What an experience.