Do Not Sign up with Limelight by Alcone Until You Read this! Essential to your Success

Limelight by Alcone (LimeLife) is going International!  

Welcome Canadian Beauty Guides or Guides-to-be. It's your turn to get to know the amazing products that Limelight by Alcone (Limelife) sells. Hopefully soon all the products will be available to you. The lip glosses are so amazing, and the enduring lip colors last so nicely. And I've heard that they will be available soon. But right now, even without these, your starter kit looks like a dream. So many products, so much fun!

Let's look at the Career Guide/ Compensation Plan. It is remarkably similar to the US version. It seems the only differences are essentially exchange rates.

In case you are wondering how much money you will make, I have made this video to explain it all. I have made similar videos before, but this time it's for you, Canada. I've reworked the numbers with Canadian Dollars.

Here's what will be discussed, carefully explaining how much money that you can expect to make and how important it is to build a team. So please check out my video, I promise it will be helpful.

That's it for now. Hopefully I have been helpful. As I stress in the video, Do NOT enroll with Limelight by Alcone (LimeLife) unless you plan to build a team and unless you are certain that you already know enough people to maintain sales. For more information watch my video:)

Vlogmas 2017

I'm terrified that I will lose subscribers because I am absolutely that boring. But I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. So here's my Vlogmas Collection 2017.

Oh No, It's the annual Neighborhood Cookie Exchange. Time to Party!

It's time for meal planning. Join me sort through various option and come up with a Christmas Menu that's amazing! Bonus trip to Costco to start the holiday shopping.

So, I have been filming so much of my day and then editing to post Vlogs. But I have been rather disappointed in my either how boring my day is or more likely how awful I am at being a vlogger. It's a skill that I underestimated previously. It's not me. So, I'm have not been posting my daily vlogs. Instead my vlogs are more themed compilation videos. And that's okay, I enjoy them and I hope you do too:)

I have been using Limelight by Alcone skincare and makeup for several months now, and while I have posted separate reviews on many of the products, I thought it was time to update my opinions. Watch me get ready for the day and discuss my newest revelations about these products. Clearly, I'm not a makeup artist or beauty guru. I just enjoy makeup.

It's time to wrap the presents.

I needed some shoes/boots to keep my feet dry for walking the dog. I went to a new LLBean store opening in Rockville, MD and tried on tons of boots. In the end these bison boots won, they are exactly what I wanted. Here's me, trying out my new boots...

So watch me clean my silver bowls so I can use them for decorations for the holidays. It's an easy way to clean with no scrubbing.

My First Vlogmas.

My new LL Bean Boots!

Korra needs to walk in the morning. Some days we walk through the neighborhood, and socialize with all the dogs and owners. But some days, I just want to relax and spend time alone with Korra. Not to mention, let her run free, jump and play, instead of heeling and controlling her desires to jump up on everyone we meet. On these relaxing mornings we walk in the backyard and surrounding woods. As it has been getting cooler, the grass is wet in the morning and I found that I do not have the proper gear. Wet feet and wrecked sneakers are not fun.

L.L. Bean opened a new store nearby and we had to go check it out. It's not quite as big as the one in Tyson's Corner, but they had a great selection of duck boots and I think I tried them all on, from the high end shearling lined to the basic duck shoe. Dan did too. It took forever, and strangely the employees were so helpful. My, we are the indecisive ones. In the end they recommended that we apply for a credit card to get an additional 15% off, plus the 25% off sale. So we went home, applied for the card and filled our shopping cart: Matching boots,  8" Bison boots #beanboots

I love them so much I made a gif.

Here's a link to my unboxing and try on youtube video:) 

So now when we take Korra for a morning walk into the woods we are decked out in our L.L. Bean gear. Twins:)

Why Do I Wear a Black Shirt Everyday

In case you haven't noticed, I am almost always wearing a black shirt when I film my videos. I do that. I wear a black shirt every single day.

Do I Have Cool, Warm, or Neutral Undertone Skin

It's never been easy to figure out what my skin undertones are. I may be 2 toned. Watch me take the tests and help me decide. Am I cool toned or am I warm?

I Don't Want to be a Beauty Guide with Limelight by Alcone

Despite spending the last six months obsessed with the company and the products, I decided that I do not want to be a Beauty Guide with Limelight by Alcone. I will not enroll with them. And here's why...

1.  Too many night phone calls and meetings.  I just don't want to be bothered by them.  I like my nights to myself.
2.  I want my freedom to post what I want and not constantly be super positive and excited about my "business" venture.
3.  I will annoy my friends and family with constantly posting about makeup. What if everyone on Facebook was trying to sell you something?
4.  When I contact old friends, I don't want them thinking that I am just trying to sell makeup to them. And worse, what if I was.
5.  I don't know enough people on facebook to make the required sales, so I would have to meet new people.
6.  My friends live far from me, and I want them to be able to try the products before they buy.
7.  I'm not a makeup artist and look like an idiot when making videos.
8.  It's a pyramid scheme.
9.  While the products are great, they are overpriced and hard to use. I wouldn't feel right selling them to my own mother and best friends.
10.  I don't feel excited about telling people, "I sell makeup for Avon, I mean Limelight"

But, I still love their products. So yes, I'll just continue to purchase them from my sister-in-law, Sheila. But I’m not going to be a beauty guide ever.  Final decision.

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